Play MP4 FIles on iPhone Using Emu4iOS (Best Tutu Helper Alternative)

Do you wish to use any physical controller on your iOS device? But you don't know anything about, how to use it. Well, you can find out or complete your wish after reading this article because this article will help you. Mobile games that do play games on mobile devices needs to concentrate on the game, but sometimes due to the small screen they are unable to do so, but if you connect a physical controller like PS3 or an Xbox controller that will be comfortable for him.

And will be easier for him to play any game without any issue. So our today's topic is about Emu4iOS, this is a very useful web application that helps the user to download many other emulators like Gba4iOS, nds4iOS or even tutu helper app on your iPhone or any other iOS device. And the best feature is that you don't need to jailbreak the device in order to install all these emulators using Emu4iOS. The reviews are excellent as it works flawlessly and offers some great features that allow the users to use an external controller with their iOS devices. You cannot officially download Emu4iOS on your iOS device because Apple has patched this application as they were used by developers in their previous versions.

So, yes you cannot install official gst app on iOS ( login) that means you have to take help from a third party application in order to install this. After iOS 9 and above, those workarounds became useless because Apple patched everything. But still, we got an amazing trick that will help you to install Emu4iOS emulator in iOS 9 and above without jailbreaking your iOS device.


Do note this trick is new to everyone, so you can only install any one emulator at a single time, for instance, if you already have installed Gba4iOS and Emu4iOS on your device then you will not able to install SNES that too for some unknown reasons. If you want to use another emulator then you first have to uninstall the previous YouTube Adaway apk in order to install the new one.

Steps To Install Emu4iOS Without Jailbreak

Before starting off the procedure make sure that your device is connected to an active wireless network ( WiFi) and it must not be jailbroken. If you have the above requirements then do follow the steps given below-

  • Unlock your iOS device.
  • Now launch tutu helper settings on your iOS device
  • Then go to date and time settings
  • Untick the option for automatic time and then change the date ( any date)
  • Do change the year to 2012.
  • Now, close the settings
  • Now launch any browser mainly safari and then search for Emu4iOS for iOS.
  • After that do follow the on-screen instructions to start the installation process. After the installation is completed, you will be able to see a new icon on the home screen.
  • Please launch Emu4iOS from the home screen and download your favorite emulator any whichever you like, but do make sure that you can only download one emulator at a single time.